Tye Graham

Configuring Different Business Hours for Sites in Different Time Zones

Discussion created by Tye Graham Employee on Feb 25, 2015

A notable feature of the application is the ability to define different business hours to associate with one more or of your sites.


In the process of associating a business hours record with a particular site, you will also have the ability to assign a time zone to that site.  Below will be steps on how to get these settings configured in your Samanage account.


1) Navigate to the Setup area of the application.


2) From the list of options in the Setup menu, click on "Business Hours".


3) At the top right of the screen, click on the "+ Create a new business hours record" button to begin setting up new business hours.


4) Fill in the "Name" field and the "Description" field (if desired) and click the "Create" button.


5) Following the creation of your new business hour record, you'll have the ability to define your "Workdays" in which you select your business days and then define the hours for each of those days and "Scheduled Time Off"? by importing holidays or manually adding items.  After those items are properly configured, your newly created business hours record will be ready to associated with your site(s).


6) From the list of setup items listed on the left side of the screen, click on "Organization"?.


7) Click on the "+New Site" button.


8) Fill in the required fields as well as define the "Business Hours" and "Time Zone" for that site and all other fields (if necessary) and click the "Create Site" button.



Your newly created site will now show among your account?s list of Sites with the appropriate "Business Hours" and "Time Zone" based on your selection.