Kyle Shepard

Google Apps Integration Guide

Discussion created by Kyle Shepard Employee on Feb 12, 2015
One of the many options available for single sign on is our integration with Google Apps. Your current environment will determine if this option would be a good fit for you but for those who use Google Apps, the integration is seamless.  Samanage Single Sign On integration with Google relies on the ability to access Google?s Google+ API. Samanage requires permission to use the user?s email information during the authentication process. If your organization uses Google Apps, you need to allow apps to access Google+ APIs, Google has a ?how to? guide on this.  

To get this process rolling in Samanage you will need to go into the ?Single Sign On? tab in the ?Setup? section.  You will see a simple check box that says ?Enable Single Sign-On with Google Apps?.  Once you select this box the rest of the description and setup options will appear and will look like this:

SSO Example Onepng

The next step is to enter your domain in the text box labeled ?Domain Name?.  You can have multiple domain names here depending on how many you need to capture or include.

SSO Example Twopng

Once this is done you may choose to select the last checkbox at the bottom (which we recommend doing) labeled ?Create users if they do not exist in Samanage?. This means that when a user tries to access the portal or the application it will automatically create them as a user in the system. It is important to note that if you would like to create them as users before they try to log in then you will need to import them or add them in manually. The last thing you will need to do is click the update button at the bottom of the section and the integration will be complete!