Ideas for using Samanage Service Desk IT and Beyond

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With Samanage, you have the ability to use the service desk for departments other than IT. Your departments can streamline their processes with Samanage. They can set up their process all within Samanage to ensure all the steps are taken in a efficient manner, even if there are multiple people involved.

Let's go over some examples of how different departments can use the service desk.

Human Resources

  • Employee Onboarding Process

  • Offboarding Process

  • Performance Reviews

  • Promotion Process



  • Ordering new equipment

  • Move equipment

  • Office moves

  • Office maintenance (change light bulbs, air conditioner)

  • Tickets


  • Website changes

  • Requests for marketing material

  • Requests for customer swag


  • Billing Requests

  • Request for demo

Please let us know other ways you are using the Service Desk at your company!