When Would I and How Would I Add Users Into Samanage?

Discussion created by 6472333 on Sep 15, 2014

There are a couple of ways you can add your users into Samanage. The best way to do this depends on how you use Samanage, whether for Asset Management or Service Desk, or both.

If you use
Samanage for Asset Management, the quickest method is to import your users through a CSV file. Let?s walk through how to do this:


1. Go to Setup ? Users


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2. Click Import




3. Select the CSV you wish you upload




4. Map the columns from the CSV to the user record properties.


5. When you are done mapping the fields, click next and next and Samanage will process your CSV file and create users in your account.


Please note that no emails are sent to your users in this process. In order for your users to log in, you have the option to resend the activation email to your users. You can do this by:


1. Go to Setup


2. Users


3. Actions, Click the envelope button, ?Resend Activation Email?




The default role will be ?Portal User? role unless a role is provided in one of the CSV?s columns.


We have provided you a CSV template for importing users into Samanage:
CSV Template


**For detailed instructions on how import a CSV, take a look at this Community Post.


The other ways to add users to Samanage are:


1. SSO - AD Sync script


2. OneLogin




If you use Samanage Service Desk you have two options to import users. You can import your users through a CSV file like explained above or you can use Single Sign-on to import your users. Single Sign-on (SSO) allows your users to login once and gain access to all systems without having to log into each individual system. If you choose SSO, users will be created whenever they login for the first time. You can use OneLogin, our SSO partner to do this.