OneLogin SSO and Provisioning

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I just wanted to take a few moments to detail our experience with integrating Samanage and OneLogin.


Having our users provisioned from Active Directory into Samanage was a key requirement during our selection process in August. Samanage, partnered with OneLogin, gave us a demo of how this would work. We were very excited to know that we would no longer have to manage users manually in our system. (We have approximately 3,500 users).


After we signed the contract with Samanage, we were quickly contacted by the OneLogin team and it was a complete wrap around experience. We had the sales team, the support team, the development team all assisting us simultaneously. We had some extremely tight deadlines and they exceeded our expectations to meet them! The care and level of expertise that we received during the set up and testing were second to none. We had just a few meetings before everything was up in production and we can now import the following fields from our AD directly into Samanage:


Site (Office in AD)
Reports To
Role (automatically assigned via a mapping in OneLogin)


Additionally, the SSO portion of the application is working flawlessly and our users love the dashboard!


I would encourage anyone looking at provisioning or SSO to strongly consider OneLogin, especially for Samanage! We are adding additional enterprise applications soon and we are excited to have this partnership with OneLogin.




Craig Stockman