Mobile Asset Management Tutorial

Discussion created by 6472333 on Oct 16, 2014

In Samanage you can track exactly what mobile devices you have. Samanage shows you the updated and detailed configuration and physical location of each device.


Devices supported are: iOS and Andriod




Devices shows the overview of your list of mobile assets. Under "devices" you can view your mobile device inventory by criteria such as model, manufacturer, service provider, or with a custom tag. You can also view your mobile inventory by location (ex: sites or department) or view any recently added mobile devices.


Some important parts of the mobile inventory homepage:

  1. Reporting Status

    1. Green = Reporting

    2. Red= Stopped Reporting

    3. Grey= Never Reported
  2. User (you can hover over the name to find more information on the user)

Other information on the homepage includes:

  1. Model

  2. Manufacturer

  3. Service Provider

  4. Last Report

  5. Phone Number

  6. Actions: Edit or Delete

You can also utilize the wrench to customize the view to your specific needs:

Invitations allows you to send invitations to your user base and track the status of the invitations. You can import a list or add new users to this list.

Information on the invitations homepage includes:

  1. Invitation status (invited, enrolled, not invited)

  2. Last invitation

  3. Number of devices

  4. Name

  5. Email

  6. Last Login

  7. Role

  8. Action - resend invitation



Mobile asset management video tutorial: