Setting up mail redirection to Samanage for Google Apps for Business

Discussion created by 6472333 on Sep 4, 2014

How to setup your Google Apps for Business account to redirect email to you Samanage email drobbox.


1.  Go to admin.google.com and login using an account with administrative privileges for your business


2. Go to Google Apps > Gmail


3. Choose Default Routing and click on Add Setting to create a new rule



4. Select Single recipient and enter the email address you want to use to forward to Samange (for example, support@mydomain.com)


5. For Envelope recipient choose Change envelope recipient and replace the recipient value with your Samanage dropbox. (for example support@accountname.samanage.com)


You can find your Samanage email dropbox under Setup -> Email Settings (https://app.samanage.com/setup/email)


6. Select Perform this action on non-recognized and recognized addresses and click on Save


7. The rule has been created


*** You can repeat this process for any additional emails you would like to forward ***