Single Incident Tutorial

Discussion created by 6472333 on Oct 14, 2014
The incident page in Samanage is divided into a couple sections. You will have a detail section which includes:

  1. Incident name

  2. State

  3. Who put in the request

  4. Description of incident

  5. Assigned to

  6. Category

  7. Subcategory

  8. Priority

  9. Site and Department

  10. Comment section


If you have created the incident from a service catalog item, you will have a process section.

The section at the bottom is the incident audit section where the history of the transactions involving the incident are recorded.  


On the right side, there is a meta data section. You can define tags, attach related incidents, problems, changes, assets, and solutions. You can create tasks and view the service monitor to see the calculated time from incident creation to incident closure.


You can also track time spent on the incident.