Setting up mail redirection to Samanage for Lotus Notes/Domino

Discussion created by 6472333 on Sep 11, 2014
How to setup your Lotus Notes/Domino account to redirect email to you Samanage email drobbox.

You simply need to create a new User document in your NAB / Directory (you don't need to register a user - it is just a user document) with the following details:

1. Short name contains the REAL email address you want to use (for example, support@mydomain.com).

2. The Mail System has to be "Other Internet Mail"

3. The Forwarding Address is set to your Samanage email address (for example support@accountname.samanage.com)

You can find your Samanage email dropbox under Setup -> Email Settings (https://app.samanage.com/setup/email).