Group By 'Subcategory' Now Available in Standard Reports

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We just released an enhancement that allows you to group results by ?Subcategory? when reporting on incidents. This enhancement is available for: Incidents, Incident Summary, Incident Statistic Summary and will soon be added to Incident Statistics.


How can this help you do a better job?
This enhancement improves visibility into service delivery. If you have defined subcategories, you can create a report that groups the results by subcategories - making the report easier to read and analyze performance.


Learn how to use this enhancement
Here is an example to illustrate this enhancement. You have a category called Application Support with subcategories Password Reset, Financial Software, LAN, SAP, E-Mail and General Issues. You want to create a report of Application Support incidents in the last 90 days. To create the report, start by navigating to Reports/Standard Reports/Incidents. In the 'Category' drop down select 'Application Support' as shown below.


After applying the changes, click on ?Group By? and select ?Subcategory? as shown below.



Now, after applying the changes, the report is shown with incidents grouped by subcategories and color coded as shown below.



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