Filtering in Reports by Incident or Service Requests

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We have just added a new filter to some of our standard reports. You can now filter some reports by incidents, service requests or continue to include both. This filter is available for these seven standard reports: Incidents, Customer Satisfaction, Service Level Breaches, Incident Statistics Counts Over Time, Incident Statistics, Incident Summary and Customer Satisfaction Summary.


In addition, we will soon be adding the ability to group results by: Resolved By, Assignee Reports To and Incident/Service Request to the reports named above. The category "Resolved by" refers to the team member assigned to the task, "Assignee Reports To" refers to the assignee's manager and "Incident/Service Request" refers to whether the item is an incident or a service request.

How can this help you do a better job?
Filtering on incidents or service requests allows you to keep track of KPIs and makes it easier to measure your performance. For example, If you are evaluated on customer satisfaction for incidents only, the new filter automatically separates incidents from service requests. If you prefer to stay consistent with past reports then you can do so by including both incidents and service requests.


How do I use this new filter?
Let's use the incident report as an example. Start by navigating to Reports/Standard Reports and clicking on the drop down called "Incidents/Service Requests", then let's filter this report on service request items by clicking "Service Requests" as shown below.



The results shown below after clicking apply.


As mentioned, the ability to group results under Resolved By, Assignee Reports To and Incident/Service Request will be coming soon. These choices will appear under the existing "Group By" drop down in the report.


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