Is there a way to make items in the service catalog visible/not visible depending on location, department and employee level?

Discussion created by 7014322 on Apr 25, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2016 by Jonathan.Oliver@dynatrace.com
Hi all, 

We struggle a bit with information overload on our service catalog, and was wondering if there was a granular way to make things visible/non visible to specific users.

We have 4 geographical locations, and was thinking something along the line of:

Common location specific items such as: "Order pens". Where each would have a flow including the local country specific office manager. Where each would only be visible to employees with that specific location.

Common non-location specific items: Such as "password reset" etc. Visible to everyone regardless of location.

Manager department specific items: For ex. "Onboard Project Manager" which would be only visible to the head of Project Management.


Any help would be appreciated.