Test Drive New Mac Agent on Samanage Labs!

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In addition to the Windows beta agent we have released last month, we are releasing a new beta Mac agent available now on Samanage Labs. As with the current agent, the new agent is a small executable used to collect hardware and software for inventory management.

What are the benefits?
The new agent automatically updates itself and enables us to deliver future enhancements.

What operating systems (OS X) does the agent support?
All Mac 10.x versions:

  • Version 10.11 -  "OS X El Capitan"
  • Version 10.10 - "OS X Yosemite"
  • Version 10.9 - "OS X Mavericks"
  • Version 10.8 - "OS X Mountain Lion"
  • Version 10.7 - "OS X Lion?
  • Version 10.6 - "OS X Snow Leopard?

How do I get the new agent?
To obtain the .dmg file, navigate to Setup/Samanage Labs and click the download button labeled ?Download agent setup for Mac OSX? as shown below, then follow the instructions. The installation will deploy and configure both the new and old agents to run in parallel, allowing us to evaluate the results of the new agent compared to the old.



How does this affect my installation?
At this time, the new agent will have no impact on your Samanage experience, for example it will not make changes to asset inventory.


Thank you for your support!
At your service,
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