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Product update: Custom Forms & Fields

Discussion created by Yuval Pecht Employee on Jul 22, 2014
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We are excited to release the ability to create custom forms and fields. Now you can create custom fields and associate them with all the modules in Samanage (e.g. Incidents, computers etc.). With this new capability we are releasing today, users can create their own forms, each with its own set and order of custom fields.

Whats new?

This new capability allows for better alignment of Samanage with your organization's guidelines and procedures:

  1. Customize your forms and change the order of fields on a form.

  2. Create as many fields as you need.

  3. Custom Fields can be shared between modules. For example a custom field ?Asset ID? can be reused in Incident, Assets, and Contracts.

  4. Associate a form with an incident?s category and subcategory to capture different sets of fields for each category.


If you create a new form for Incidents, category: ?HR?, subcategory ?All?, then when a user creates an incident in the self-service portal, that form will be presented along with the specified set of fields as you defined.

When you have category: ?Application Support? and subcategory ?Google Apps?, you can have a custom form displaying a custom field for the Google Apps user ID. When you have subcategory ?Salesforce?, you can have a custom form displaying a custom field for the Salesforce ID.

See following screenshot of the forms & fields setup area for a new user:

If you have already created custom fields in the past, they will now be displayed in the new ?Forms & Fields? section in setup.

In the following example, we have migrated existing fields that were created for incidents and changes into a form for incidents and a form for changes:

Adding new forms is done via the ?Add form? button and then you can drag and drop fields from the right hand side to the draggable area on the left hand side, as per screenshot below:

Fields can also be dragged in the forms to reorder them. A field can be used in more than one form.

In the example above, we have created a form for the computers module and called it Tablets - in this case, whenever a user will add a new computer he will be presented with this form with the set of defined fields in the order specified.

At your service,

The Samanage Team