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Options for auto resolve after declined in service catalog ticket.

Discussion created by Atul Suri on Apr 25, 2016
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Currently, if a user declines an approval, the ticket auto-resolves and survey is issued. This is causing major issues for us as our master data team after uploading the requested data waits for the user to approve the load. If the user declines the load citing an issue, the ticket aborts and survey gets issued to which the user, rightfully, states that they are not satisfied because the work is not completed and the ticket is resolved. If there was a way to configure how to want to handle declines (for e.g. do not resolve but move to re-work status), it would help us manage our approval process better. We have resorted to asking users to not decline anything but to add a comment asking what is wrong or missing so we can fix it. Once everything is done as expected, the user hits the approved button to move the workflow forward.

Am I missing something in the workflow which could mitigate this issue?