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Product update: New email templates - beta self-onboarding

Discussion created by Yuval Pecht Employee on Oct 27, 2015
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We are opening the new email templates for beta review. For that purpose, we want to give you the ability to control which email templates appear in your account. under Setup -> Email settings, where you as admins will be able to onboard yourselves, additional users or your entire Samanage account to use the new emails for incidents lifecycle.Email_Settings_-_Samanagepng


These new emails have undergone a long process of detailed design and testing and we are now releasing them for your own testing, however you as admins will have the option to decide whether they will be available only for you or perhaps for some additional users and when you feel more confident, you can choose to enable them for your entire organization.


It should be noted that the new emails are a first step in our work on providing you later on with enhanced customisation capabilities on these new emails as well, however initially we will be rolling out these new emails as is.


The new emails cover the scope of incident and service request lifecycle from new incident created, assignment, tasks, approvals and up to incident resolution and customer satisfaction survey on both the requester and assignee sides. Embedded below are some screenshots of examples of the new emails:


Incident received:



SLA Breach:





Incident resolved:





This setting area will be available for a limited duration during the beta period after which we plan to open the new emails to general consumption.


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The Samanage Team