Michael Fletcher

Incident Searching

Discussion created by Michael Fletcher on Apr 7, 2016
Latest reply on May 21, 2018 by Rachel Martin

I was just looking for a way to search incidents and found two older posts that suggested ways I should be able to.

  1. search @incident [incident number] - This did return the incident number I searched for, but it also seems to have returned any incident with the incident number anywhere inside (i.e. in a comment).
  2. search @number [incident number] - This returned every incident number with the number searched for enclosed (e.g. searching for 210 returned 210, 1210, 2100, 2210, etc.).

Neither of these seems to give me what I want, which is really just to be returned with the incident associated with the exact number I searched for. Am I doing something wrong, is there another way, or is this just to be expected right now?