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Product update: Scope Service Catalog item to site or department

Discussion created by Yuval Pecht Employee on Sep 3, 2014
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We have released a new update to Samanage Service Catalog. You can now limit the scope of a Service Catalog item to a specific site or department.


Where will this be used?


This can be used to create specific Service Catalog items which are unique to certain regions, for example, 401K form request in the USA and a UK pensions fund form. Each catalog item would have it unique variables and process.


Some additional examples may be a Facilities request for only the site the Requester has access to or located at (HVAC issue in NYC office). Also, IT may have different request processes per site -- Laptop request from NYC site goes to John Smith for approval versus Laptop request from Los Angeles office goes to Kim Reynolds. NYC employees only see the Laptop request for NYC and LA employees only see Laptop request for LA.


See following screenshot where the site and department fields are part of the catalog item:



How do I create the role?


Once created in the catalog, the admin must also create specific roles under Setup -> Roles where the scope limitation can be applied to either portal users or regular application users.


If we limit the read capability to certain portal users, only portal users that belong to this specific site or department will see these catalog items. Same is true for regular application users.


See following screenshot of such a sample role:



In this example, the role is of a Portal User which can:


1. create, view and update incidents where he is the requester


2. Read solutions of a state ?approved?


3. View the Service Catalog items which belong to site ?London?


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