HTML Email Improvements

Discussion created by on Mar 3, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2016 by Yuval Pecht

We are making improvements to your Samanage experience. Coming soon is a new capability that will support some HTML formatting. When an incoming HTML email is received, we will preserve common formatting, such as, paragraph, bold, underline and ordered/unordered lists into the description and comments sections of the incident. Previously, when an email was sent to in HTML we would not preserve HTML formatting.


For example, an end user sends a HTML email for software to be added to their machine to The email contains a bulleted list and highlights some text in in bold. Samanage will capture the bulleted list, words in bold and paragraphs in the description of the incident that is created. This improvement is part of our continuous effort to improve readability and your overall experience!


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