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Samanage Agent tips and info

Discussion created by Todd Thomas on Mar 16, 2016
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We had a phone call with Samanage today and I thought I'd pass along some findings about the Samanage inventory agent that we discovered through our conversation. If there's anything incorrect here, feel free to chime in. Also, if anyone else has some tips or findings to share, pass them along!


*By default, devices with the agent report back every 24 hours. To force this to happen more frequently, follow these instructions:


The specified item was not found.


*The agent can automatically tie usernames to devices, which refreshes every 24 hours, so a technician might be temporarily attached to a new device as it's being setup, but you could either run the URL above to fix it once the real user logs into the device or wait 24 hours to correct the reporting.


*QR codes should be used instead of bar codes because they're more flexible, are encoded to point the the unique URL for that device, and can be printed out in bulk whereas bar codes only show the unique asset ID.


*Asset ID's in Samanage are generated from the serial number and MAC address of a device, which means even if a device is reformatted with a different OS and given to another user, it will show up as the same device in Samanage.


*The new agent can install alongside the old one, you just can't reinstall the old agent on a PC that already has the new one. However, having both running shouldn't result in duplicated inventory items (thankfully).


Any other tips or tricks you've found while using the agent?