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Customer Use Cases for CMDB

Discussion created by John Collier Employee on Oct 15, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2015 by Nate Riley

We are currently working with a leading supply chain company in the grocery industry. Their CMDB use case involves relating their various CIs to their specific store location.


Currently, each grocery location has it's own store number. By creating that store as a CI in Samanage, they are then able to establish organizational relationships and attach additional CIs - in this case, point of sale terminals and other hardware equipment. Within a matter of minutes on our call- we were able to create "Store Number 456", build out the appropriate information, and attach some sample CIs.


Going forward, our customer could receive a phone call from their end user, run a quick search by store number in Samanage, select the appropriate store number CI, and quickly see the related items and incidents.