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Advice on creating Categories

Discussion created by Todd Thomas on Mar 2, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2016 by 8066750
We've created a variety of different types of Categories to use. However, we're struggling with a good way of thinking about what justifies a category and what doesn't.

If you're too general with Categories:
  • People don't understand the intent of the category
  • You lose track of information you may want to report on
If you're too specific with Categories:
  • The list becomes too cumbersome/inconvenient/time-consuming
  • Categories become inconsistently used (one time you choose Option X while next time you choose Option Y)
  • It becomes complicated for Service Requests since they're tied together
What philosophy have you taken on knowing when something could be considered as a Category? Are there any documents or other posts people have that might help us decide whether something is Category-worthy or not?