Best Practice for End of Lifecycle. Tracking Computers that Employees Buy Back

Discussion created by 7012723 on Feb 24, 2016
At our company, 90% of the time, when a sales agent starts, they purchase their computer from us. If the agent leaves the company, we need to find out if they purchased their computer or if the company did. If we bought it, then we take it back. If they purchased their computer we will take possession of it, then we wipe it and re-install the OS. After all company data has been removed we return it to the sales agent.

We have been having a hard time coming up with the best way to track that in Samanage. We would prefer to use Lifecycle, by adding a date. Our issue with that is we can't decide on which of the default Date Types best suite the above scenario because they don't describe what happened with the device if the agent took it back or we took it back. The text field would help with that, but we try to avoid text fields since their is no uniformity to them. I might use different words to describe what happened than my two or 3 team mates would.

Does anyone have a similar set up and how do you handle such cases?