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Purchase Order Management

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We are on the verge of releasing a new module within Samanage - Purchase Order Management.  This module will be released shortly to all of our users


This purchase orders will be accessible under the contracts section in the side menu - as below:



You may also quickly create a new purchase order from the "+" menu.


This module enables you to create, manage and track purchase orders across your organization. A purchase order can be used to approve purchases for various items in your organization and may follow an approval lifecycle, including issuing email approvals and tracking the approval/decline per approver.


An example could be - a purchase order for a new computer, you would define the requester as the user who will receive the computer, the "buyer" is the purchasing manager. Approvers could be the requester's manager. You would add the items to the purchase order and you can define the currency used, the tax rates, any relevant deductions, as well as payment terms, additional terms & conditions and any relevant attachments.


See following screenshot for the Purchase Orders index page:



See following screenshot for a sample purchase order in view mode:



When approvers are added and the purchase order is set to the state of "Waiting for approval", approval emails will be sent to those people defined as approvers. They may then approve or decline the purchase order from within the email itself - see below:



You may also export the purchase order to a PDF for use outside of Samanage, e.g. to send to the specified vendor - see screenshot below for a sample PDF purchase order:




A purchase order may also be cloned (via the actions menu), you may associate other purchase orders to a purchase order, associate configurations items and contracts and also assign tasks to a purchase order.


Each purchase order also includes a full audit log of its relevant events.


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The Samanage Team