Anthony iezzi

How do you add a checklist to new service requst?

Discussion created by Anthony iezzi on Feb 4, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2016 by Chad Brown
I am just getting started with Samanage and am not sure if I am using the correct terminology when searching for what I am needed so I apologize if this has already been answered someplace else.

I am trying to create a new hire service request that will include a checklist of items in which any of the items can be checked if the item is required for the new hire.

I thought this was going to be pretty easy in that I would simply create a new catalog item, add in new check box variables for each Item that i want the person submitting the form to be able to check if the item is required.  However, I can create the form, and everything looks great (screenshot below) but when I go to test it out from the portal I get an error that says "Service request is incorrect. Choice of variables results in an empty process. Please check your selections or contact your administrator" and it will not submit.

I have also tried doing tasks, but they show up after the form has been submitted which is not going to work for this item.

Thanks for your assistance,