URLs Not Properly Converting to Hyperlinks

Discussion created by 8011135 on Jan 26, 2016
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URLs with Spaces or Commas Do Not Get Converted Properly to Hyperlinks.

So that all interested parties can track items, I post tracking information (the full URL from sites like FedEx, UPS, etc.) into the tickets.  I have noticed that URLs that contain multiple tracking numbers (separated by commas in the URLs) do not convert completely to hyperlinks.  The system will take the info until it reached the first comma (or space).  Sometimes, a URL will have a tracking number with spaces in between groups of numbers (e.g. 7754 3297 6842).

This is an actual URL that I pasted from FedEx's site into a ticket:

The system converted this into a hyperlink:
It left the remainder of the full URL, ",278014179072392,278014179072460,278014179072491", as plain text.