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Discussion created by Yuval Pecht Employee on Aug 25, 2014
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Previously released


We have released a significant update to our email templates! This is part of a major upgrade to the email templates, where the next step that follows shortly after will include the ability to customize the email templates.


The new email templates

We realize that emails sent from your Samanage Service Desk is a key part of the communication between you and your customers. We strive to make you look as professional and cutting edge as possible :-) With the new update we aim to  improve the readability of our notification emails and getting the information across to your customers in the best possible manner. It is all about the usability.


How can you contribute

The intent in this communication is to provide you with a preview of the upcoming changes to the email  templates. We want your feedback on the design, information provided, and readability of the email templates.


Join the Preview Program

The new email templates will be shortly available via our preview program. If you are interested in participating, let beta@samanage.com know about it. Participants are expected to provide feedback, good ideas, and free beer to the engineering team.


See following screenshots of some example templates:


New incident - properties changed:



SLA breached:



Approval task assigned:



Task assigned:



At your service,


The Samanage Team