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Inventory Management - The Full Life Cycle

Discussion created by Chad Brown on Jan 12, 2016
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We are looking to use Samanage to handle all our physical inventory from time of order, to receipt of packages, to deployment of hardware, and eventually its repair and/or disposal.

So far it works great for hardware that has been unboxed - however, getting boxed materials entered into the application highlights an area of potential improvement.

Has anyone else used Samanage to receive materials, imported them into Samanage via a scan of the boxes (using Vendor QR Codes or Bar Codes), then proceeded to eventually utilize those assets while keeping them updated in Samanage? We are looking to expand beyond O/S based entities running the client to Displays, Phones, Switches, and PCs and Servers still in boxes.

Also, has anyone found any web services, linked through Zapier, that would help with receiving and uploading inventory into Samanage?