Adding resolutions to incidents attached to releases

Discussion created by 7883959 on Jan 11, 2016
Our process for web deployments is to attached all tickets related to our deployment to a single "Change" and then attach that change to a "Release".  All tickets attached to this Release are set to a status of "Ready to Deploy" because they technically aren't resolved yet.  Once we deploy our release we come back to Samanage and close the change.  This automatically goes through and marks attached tickets as "Resolved" but doesn't add a resolution.

Is there a way to add a resolution before marking at ticket as resolved?  Or maybe when closing a Change you can cycle through all attached tickets and add a resolution to them before marking them resolved?  For our process it doesn't make sense to have an individual change for each incident.  We add all change information to the incident and don't require any approval.  Plus we have so many tickets attached to a release we would spend our whole day making changes every release.  Any suggestions would be great!  I would just like to be able to look back at incidents that were attached to a release and see what the resolution was.