Samanage service desk issues from Zendesk user perspective

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We like Samanage. We are now two weeks into using it in production and are encountering a number of problems which are causing us significant issues and slowing down our work. We switched from Zendesk which doesn't do all the things Samanage does, but does many general things very well.

The following is a list of issues we have with the service desk portion of Samanage. If any of this is incorrect, please feel free to let us know as we did not intend to misconstrue anything.


* Going between 'edit' incident screen erases comments and is in general not a good workflow. It would be much better if we could edit ticket fields like title, requester, priority, assignee, category, site, department, and due by dates from the main incident 'view' screen.

First Reply Timer

* If a ticket is created on behalf of a requester by an agent, and no comments then the first reply timer does not stop until another comment is left on the ticket.
* Private comments stop the first reply timer even though the requester has not received any message yet.


* No way to get notifications other than email
* No mobile app
* Difficult to get notifications about new comments on incidents from API, preventing the kind of integration we would like to do with Slack via incoming webhooks


* No way to attach agent signature to email notifications
* If a user sends a incident in via email with other people CC'd, then if one of the CC'd people replies to the email they get from the requester instead of a notification from Samanage, it creates a new ticket instead of becoming a comment on the incident that already exists.
* If a user sends a incident in via email and then 'replies' to the email they sent to create the incident instead of a notification from Samanage, it creates a new ticket instead of becoming a comment on the one that already exists.

Ticket Merging

* Users are allowed to make new comments on tickets that have been merged & closed, instead of those comments going onto the merged ticket.
* Unable to merge multiple tickets at once
* Users are sent a notification that their ticket has been merged into another one. This wouldn't be a big issue, but due to email problems noted above and the lack of ability to merge multiple tickets at once, it means our requesters can end up getting a LOT of bothersome email notifications that they have not been happy about.


* Ticket state does not go from 'Pending' (Awaiting client input) to 'Open' when the requester/someone cc'd makes a new comment
* Ticket state does not go from 'New' to 'Open' when assigned to a specific user
* Nothing like triggers/automations in Zendesk other than the SLM features which are quite limited by comparison


* RSS feeds that do not require any authentication other than the token in the URL and never expire. No way to revoke/have the feeds expire so if one of the links is leaked it can't be disabled. We submitted a ticket about this and no resolution was provided.


* Unable to resend approval emails
* Portal-only users cannot approve changes through the portal (must be email)
* Unable to attach additional detail field to approval. Example: need approval to purchase a machine. No way to send a custom message along with the approval like 'this machine is for person x, they need machine y. approve please.'


* No way to establish shared views for all agents. Thus, every agent has to set up their own view even though we basically all want to see the same fields. The ability to have personal views is still very valuable however.
* Unable to select range of states like criteria: state is not closed or resolved (ticket is 'less than resolved' in Zendesk)


* Private/Public comment button styling is confusing and unclear.
* Delete button is very confusing on incident list, there are two identical looking delete buttons, one for deleting incidents and one for deleting views. Very easy to accidentally delete views instead of incidents.
* Ticket merge screen is confusing, easy to accidentally go to the incident page that you meant to merge into it by accident.
* No way to do in-page ticket tabination ala Zendesk.
* Unable to set resolution text when a ticket is resolved without going to the ticket 'incident' screen, even though state can be change in the incident 'view' screen
* Indicator that someone else is viewing an incident / ticket is not clear enough to consistenly prevent agent collision
* No way to merge incident from incident list

Service Catalog

* No way to add 'other' custom choice to drop down lists, as in choices are x, y, z or fill in the blank. Google Forms does that just fine.

Mobile Website

* No single-sign on button for Google Apps