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Product Update: Business Hours in setup and SLA

Discussion created by Yuval Pecht Employee on Dec 31, 2013
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We are pleased to announce the addition of support for Business Hours in Samanage.


We realize that each customer has unique support schedules, off-time, and availability during holidays - and this new capability will help accommodate the needs of all our different customers. You are now able to set up individual business hours and how they are reflected in Service Level Agreement rules and reports.


Customize your business hours


To define your own business hours go to Setup > Business Hours in Samanage.



The Business Hours setup is separated into two main sections. The first is used to define your work week and hours. Here you can define on which days you operate and during what hours. You also have the option to set working hours to ?all day?.


Configure holidays and time off


Our customers reside in over 45 different countries, each with unique public and religious holidays. With the Scheduled Time Off feature, you can decide on a calendar schedule and then add customized time off (e.g. company holiday):


You can also import predefined holidays from various locations, as shown in the screenshot below. You do not need to worry about setting recurrence as that is already defined in the imported sets.



Here we see the list of holidays after they have been added.


You can also define additional, custom days off, as seen in the screenshot below.



Once you have defined you business hours, you can use them when to set up your Service Level Agreements, as seen in the screenshot below.