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Discussion created by Chad Brown on Nov 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2016 by Chad Brown
With the new CMDB we would like to track membership to Audited Applications & Security Groups. We create a Configuration Item for a Security Group, add an Owner, and then we have to assign a User. Naturally we can only assign a Single User.

To accommodate that, we create a new Group (SEC-GROUP-Users) and assign that as a User; however, adding 500 people to a GROUP in Samanage is, well nightmarish.

Using the API, is it possible to add memberships to a GROUP, or to create a Group with Members in it? Checking the API Page, I didn't see anything on the members of the group under the "GROUP" section, and under the "USERS" section, I didn't see a way of adding people to a group with a User update either.

Any help would be appreciated.