Chad Brown

Is there a way for requesters to change their customer satisfaction rating?

Discussion created by Chad Brown on Apr 3, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2017 by Adam Archer T.
In our organization, customer satisfaction is a metric we use to evaluate performance. If there is dissatisfaction, we reach out to the requester and see what could have been done differently to have had a more positive experience. Many times after discussing the matter, requesters want to change their customer satisfaction; as they were dissatisfied with a company policy (something the Service Desk cannot change) - NOT with the service they actually received.

We do not want something where the change could be effected on the back end, by users. We were looking at a followup satisfaction survey following a not satisfied result.

The Requester's incident is resolved, and they mistakenly click they are dissatisfied. A Service Desk Lead or Manager reaches out to find out what could have been done differently to improve their satisfaction - only to find out they clicked the wrong button. A Service Desk Manager could then send a "Follow up survey" and ask them to rate their service.

The Requester's incident is resolved, and they are definitely dissatisfied with the Service Desk not being able to give them the ability to copy data to a USB Flash Drive (company policy does not allow this - there is nothing actually broken). The requester is advised the Service Desk is not able to grant that ability - the requester needs to make a special request to the Manager. The Incident is Resolved, and the requester gives a dissatisfied rating. When the SD Lead or Manager follows up to find out how this could have gone better, they are advised of the company policy to protect data from leaking to protect the enterprise from viruses. The Requester requests to change their rating to satisfied, as the Service Desk Analyst was polite and recommended other ways to move the data (SFTP, network share, etc...). The SD Manager would send a followup survey allowing the Requester to change their rating.