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Ticket changes from resolved to assigned on reply

Discussion created by Brandan Kusser on Oct 12, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2015 by Brandan Kusser
I am a little frustrated with the feature that when I change a ticket to "resolved" or "closed" and a user replies to it (typically with just  "Thanks!") It changes the state back to assigned.  I see the replies in my e-mail and therefore dont need the ticket to change state.  All that happens in this case is the user gets another email that says it was resolved after they got the original one because I have to change it back.  Is there a way to keep the tickets at resolved/closed even when a user replies?

I see the user reply changing state being useful if, for instance, it changed the state from "Awaiting Input" to "Input Received" or something, but not in this case.