Catagory, or Tag? Reports for Trending

Discussion created by 7404665 on Feb 26, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2015 by Yuval Pecht
Understanding Samanage when they say "category" vs "tags". Current implementation of my service desk (I'm testing out Samanage to see how better it is) involves having categories and sub categories, and sub sub catagories like Computer > Software > Windows > BSOD. I understand that Samanage uses smart tags to auto tag some things. You can even get a basic report based on tag name. They made tags to remove the necessity for categories. However they still exist, and they can only be created two deep. What purpose are categories if their only two deep?

I want to trend issues based on the product, or tag. For instance I want to see a report with bars denoting how many of each "tag" was used. I would normally say, each category, but I cant get the granularity I want with the built in 2 deep limitation? I understand I can build a report by tag, search by tag, and it shows all tickets, however this is not a detailed bar graph chart.

So my question is.. can you make categories more than 2 deep? If not, what does Samanage intend categories to be used for with such a limitation? Is there a way to get a nice bar chart to track trends on incidents based on common tags. I know I can create one based on Category and sub category, but again, not granular enough to get what I want.