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Create tickets from Salesforce Comments Feed

Discussion created by Sebastian Pereira on Sep 3, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2015 by Tye Graham
Does anybody had experience integrating Salesforce Comments with Samanage? The use case would be something like this:

Resource Requests from Sales to HR

A sales rep requests a developer for a project by mentioning HR in an Opportunity Feed, this automatically creates a ticket in Samanage of category "Resource Request" and assign it automatically to the HR user in charge of that.

I was able to implement this by using the email of the Salesforce user to be one configured to redirect those SF notifications to the Samanage dropbox. But couldn't get it to work properly, since ANY email or mention to HR creates a ticket, and any comment made after the one that creates the ticket, creates another one and is not added to the Samanage comments.

I know that through Zapier you can build an integration, but is another license to buy and money keeps piling up.