Supporting multiple companies

Discussion created by 7372369 on Sep 3, 2015
I am curious to hear how other customers handle supporting multiple companies.

We are an IT department supporting a group of companies. These companies do very different things and have different requirements towards the IT department. Some of the companies are solely located in Denmark, while others have offices around the globe. Some have their own internal IT staff, others rely solely on us for their needs.

We have tried to use the department field in Samanage to track which company a user/incident belongs to, but now we want to investigate tracking departments within each company as well. Preferably all this information should come from our AD via the OneLogin integration, but it seems like there is a Company field lacking.

Currently I don't care about branding and some of the other problems described in some of the various threads here regarding MSPs, I just want to be able to track the company in addition to department and sites.

Are there anyone else with the same problem and how do you handle this?