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Product Update: Introducing User Groups!

Discussion created by Yuval Pecht Employee on Feb 23, 2014
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Introducing User Groups!

Groups has been the top request from our customers for a while and we?re excited to launch it.

With the new feature you can group users together into functional groups that makes it easier to manage service workflows and asset administration.

Groups can be used in most instances where users are used, for example when assigning an incident to a group, ownership of assets, changes, notifications, etc.

Access the groups definition & management section under your setup section:

The groups administration section allows you to maintain or create new groups:

When opening a group, we can see users which have already been added and we can add additional users:

We can see the groups in use for example in the screenshot below, when assigning an incident to a group:

And then we can see it also in the Service Desk Incidents view - groups will be indicated with their own unique icon:

And finally, when viewing a users? profile card, we can also see to which groups he belongs:

We welcome your feedback!

The Samanage Team