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New way to communicate with us!

Discussion created by Ryan van Biljon Administrator on Aug 25, 2015
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Today we are happy to announce we released a new way to communicate with us through the Samanage application.


On the bottom right of your Samanage application screen, you will notice there is a new Question mark icon.



If you click on this icon, you can ask us product related questions as well as support questions.


Please see the below FAQ to help you with this new feature.


When is this feature available?
This feature is available during our normal live support hours Monday - Friday 3AM - 8PM Eastern US Time.


What happens if I submit a question outside of these hours?
Don't worry, we will still get the message and will reply back to you during live support hours.


Can I submit support questions here?
Yes, please note that support questions will always be converted into a support ticket for tracking purposes either during or after the conversation.


Note: Critical application issues should NOT be reported through this tool and should always be reported via phone.


What about Feature Requests?
Feature requests cannot be communicated through this method, and should still be submitted through the community.

Are the Standard support options still available?
Standard Samanage support options are still available email: support@samanage.com and phone via 1-888-250-8971


Right now this feature is available only to users with the Administrator role.


At your service,
Samanage Team