Separate Categories for Incidents and Service Catalogue Requests

Discussion created by 7668404 on Jul 29, 2015
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Hi all,

Is this being considered for development?  I had seen someone request it in a different thread, and the recommendation was to create a new thread for the topic.  I couldn't find it, so here it is!  
We are running into many cases where we have service desk items requiring approvals, automation, etc. that have no business in the Incident areas.  It is a bit clunky that our students will, by default, have visibility to the HR category/subcategories due to processes that need to live in the Service Desk.  These categories don't need to exist at all for Incidents.

In addition, there are some categories that do belong in Incidents but not for all users.  I know I can tweak their role to forbid them from submitting those Incident types, but again, that is a bit clunky.  Students are likely to simply call the help desk or email the generic support email (requiring manual routing) after receiving the error message rather than continuing to explore more appropriate selections.  It would be nice to omit the possibility of enduser confusion/frustration that drives them away from using the system.

I am doing our initial setup, so perhaps I am missing some consideration or existing workaround...?