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Product update: Introducing Agent collision management

Discussion created by Yuval Pecht Employee on Feb 8, 2015
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Introducing Agent Collision management.

It is every manager?s dream to have a team of enthusiastic agents supporting customers. It is great to watch as your passionate support agents take up every issue as soon as it comes in, resolve the request immediately and win you even more customer satisfaction.

But in the heat of things, it is easy for support agents to forget certain things. Like assigning the incidents to themselves, or working on an incident someone else has already started on.

Multiple responses and colliding agents will reflect badly since your customers end up seeing a broken communication process amongst your support team. So how do you get your agents to not step on each other?s toes, without dampening their enthusiasm?

The answer is Agent Collision detection & prevention

Agent collision is a new feature that is now available to Samanage users that alerts your service desk agents when another agent is currently viewing and possibly updating the same incident (or problem, change or release). When this happens, an alert is displayed at the top of the incident. This helps prevent service desk agents from trying to make updates to the same incident at the same time.

This feature is comprised of two facets:

  1. Notify  viewing or editing an incident that another agent is ?on? the same incident.

  2. Be notified if the incident has been updated by an agent while you are on it.

The following screenshot shows the presence of the 2nd agent on the incident while you are on it:



This second screenshot shows an update indication by the second agent:



Once you click ?Refresh? your view will be updated with the new changes.


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