Dymo LabelWriter Twin Turbo Model 93085 QR codes not working

Discussion created by 7441852 on Jul 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2015 by Yuval Pecht

We have been trying to use the Import from CSV functionality in DYMO Label v8.5.1.1816 and the QR codes generated using the CSV QR Book look different then those generated in a Browser for a single asset.

When we use a QR Code Reader to pull up the information on an asset with the QR code generated by Samanage in the Web Browser it works perfectly.

We then tried to create a QR Book and imported that into DYMO Label to print multiple labels at once and the QR Code generated by DYMO sends us to google with the hyperlink listed as https:////support.samanage.com/asset%20%1099889 for example.

The QR Codes print perfectly fine using QR Book but aren't functional.
Any advice on fixing this problem? Is it a problem with the Software Version or Hardware Model?

I watched the Tutorial and followed it step by step and still got the same result.