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Recently I've been working on the notification and e-mail forwarding settings and, I don't really get how is this working. 

My first doubt is regarding the "Notify user when he makes changes on his incident". 

I (think I) understand activating the "Assignee" would notify the incident Assignee and Requester would be the incident requester (obviously), well, the problem is the next:

I've tried activating both the boxes, and I don't really get how this is working after all. 

Instead of notifying the requester or assignee, it's finally sending e-mails to those CC'd (They weren't receiving any e-mails when commentaries were added, thought the "Notify user when incident has a new comment" is active).

It would be of much help if you could supply us with some config-guide for the notification system.

I've checked the Help Video, but it basically explains what I wrote above.

Thank you.