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Product Update: Custom Incident States

Discussion created by Yuval Pecht Employee on Jul 16, 2014
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We are delighted to announce the new capability under setup -> service desk, to rename, define and manage custom incident states!


Whats New?


Now, under Setup -> Service Desk section, you can rename system incident states and create your own new custom incident states as well as adjust the order in which they appear in the drop down menu for incidents, see following screenshot:



The states: ?New?, ?Assigned?, ?Resolved? & ?Closed? are system states and can only be renamed. You can reset to the default name by clicking the ?Reset to default? links.


The system states ?New? & ?Assigned? have SLA set to ?On? and ?Awaiting Input? & ?On Hold? have SLA set to ?Off?. These settings cannot be changed, which is why their checkboxes are disabled.


You can create new custom states with unique names. For these states you may choose if they are affected by SLA.




A good example for a custom state could be ?Waiting for supplier? and in such cases we may decide that this new custom state should have SLA rules apply to it.




You may also re-order all custom states and the ?Awaiting Input? & ?On Hold? states between ?Assigned? & ?Resolved? using drag and drop.


Custom states can be archived, which will makes them unavailable in the incidents drop down menus. Existing incidents with these states are not affected. If you wish, you may reactivate these states by clicking on ?unarchive? after which they will be available again in the incidents drop down menus, see following screenshot:



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