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Notifications - Too Many Emails

Discussion created by Anthony Confalone on Apr 30, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2017 by Laura Miller

Our IT Team feels we are receiving and sending too many email notifications. Am I doing something wrong?

"Notify when incident is resolved" with check boxes for "Notify Assignee" and "Notify Requester": If the Requestor resolves, only the assignee should be notified. If the Assignee resolves, only the requester should be notified. I don't want both but from what I can tell I have to check both for it to work both ways.

"Notify when an incident has a new comment" with check boxes for "Notify Assignee" and "Notify Requester": Same thing here. I don't need an email telling me what I just did (requester says the same thing) but again, I can't have my cake and eat it too so I have them both on.

Unless someone shows me what I'm doing wrong I think the notifications need to be broken into "Assignee" and "Requester" groups. So rather than those two notification types above it would be nice to have 4 separate:

"Notify requester when assignee resolves incident"


"Notify assignee when requester resolves incident"


"Notify requester when assignee adds a new comment"


"Notify assignee when requester adds a new comment"

I guess I could turn off the "notify assignee" alerts but when working remotely those are the ones we would like to see.