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Configuring SSO between Samanage and ADFS

Discussion created by Oz Merchant Administrator on Nov 25, 2013

In order to setup SSO (Single Sign On) between Samanage and your ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) server the following configuration procedure should be followed:

In Samanage:
Enter your Identify Provide URL. For ADFS see screenshot below, and make sure you have the correct certificate:

If you wish your users to always login via Active Directory SSO -
please check the box before 'Redirect to the saml login page when
logging into Samanage by default' (at the bottom of screenshot above).

In your ADFS server:

  1. Set relying party to samanage.com. The relying party's federation metadata url is: https://YOURACCOUTNAME.samanage.com/saml/metadata

  2. Define your endpoints: https://app.samanage.com/saml/YOURACCOUNTNAME  and https://YOURACCOUNTNAME.samanage.com

  3. If you set the CNAME in Samanage, e.g. https://support.YOURACCOUNT.com also add this as an endpoint.

  4. Add a claims rule: We need to receive the request with NameID and the
    NameID format should be email. So you need to set 'Outgoing claim type'
    NameID and 'Outgoing name ID format'