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Attempting to create multiple forms within the Other Assets Section.

Discussion created by Josh Cook on Mar 31, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2015 by Yuval Pecht
I'm new to the posting process here. I saw the change to the custom field section for a while now and been starting to allocate more time to setting it up and putting it to great use. Overall I've been liking this one, but I ran into a snag and not sure if it was not yet implemented, an issue, or not been discussed. Currently you can make infinite amount of forms in the Incident section by means of categories/sub-categories. What makes this powerful and useful is that depending on the choices you make determines the custom fields that are associated to that category which makes sense.

My issue I'm having is I'm wanting to add networked printers, but currently in our Other Assets its been designated from the beginning to be full of our aircards and hotspots. I tried making a new form under Other Assets but it tells me this module can only support one form. Therefore I have no choice but to include all the fields for aircard documentation and all the fields for printer documentation into one form. Continuing to add additional device types will require more fields and this can easily get out of hand.

That all being said not sure if this is an actual oversight and being worked on, something in the works, to be determined, or something else.

The Inventory > Printers section would probably work but I have no control over that section and I would need all the system generated information from the agent program blanked out as none of it would be relevant data.

If needed the purpose of custom fields for printers would be of the following that I'm looking to document.

Year it was placed in Service (we run a 5yr replacement cycle)
Connection Type (USB or LAN)
Service Maintenance Vendor
Service Maintenance ID #
Service Maintenance Contact #
Property Asset Tag
IP Address

I do thank you for your time and all that's been done and continue to happen to better this system.

Josh Cook