View owner name changes report/export by date range.

Discussion created by 6825535 on Mar 25, 2015
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I would like to find a way to complete this task weekly, monthly and if possible yearly. I would like to generate any type of  view/report/export feature that I can see the owner changes for computers/other assets/mobile devices. 

Let me give you an example.......
Typically every month my finance department wants to see who equipment is currently assigned to (we use owner for this)

It is very hard to explain although what I am trying to say is I need to show an audit for every asset of all the owner name changes. I want to be able to see it y days, week or years in order or range. 

 I am really trying to find out that if lets say a month ago a asset was assigned to owner John Doe' then assigned to a different owner Jake Smith' I need to see something that indicates all the owner changes for all these type of changes.  If a asset owner is assign to John Smith last month and he still is the owner today with no changes to the owner name of his asset I do not need to see it in the report/Filter search/export I am trying to request. 

I hope this makes sense and someone can shed some light.