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Discussion created by Chris Sevenig on Mar 12, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2015 by Yuval Pecht
Does anyone know how to find back created incidents?

Here is my scenario; 
I've made an incident, assigned this to another colleague who is not in the office today.

After that, i've got a phonecall which whas about this ticket so I wanted to add some comment to this ticket. BUT: I cannot find the ticket anymore!

I've tried the search function, searched in the help section and tried the @number ... idea, but nope, the ticket cannot be found...

To make sure that this is not a "one-day-fly-issue" i've made a new ticket, wrote down the number, made sure I could see the ticket (the test ticket it is in my 'active incidents' list and tried the search function again. No success...

So, I hope anyone can help us out because searching for tickets is really important for us.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!