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Product update: New ?created by? field for ITSM objects

Discussion created by Yuval Pecht Employee on Mar 3, 2015
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We have just added a new enhancement across all ITSM object (Incidents, Problems, Changes, Releases) - the addition of a ?created by? field. This field is filled by the user details (name, email) of the user which created the objects.


Why is this useful?


In certain service desks where, for example, incidents are created by tier 1 personnel and then immediately assigned to other tiers, this new field can be used for better analysis of productivity of the first tier - the frontline personnel.


This new field is viewable on both the index page views of the ITSM objects and also in the view mode of said objects. The ?created by field is not part of the default set of the index pages and can be added by selecting it from the ?wrench? icon on the index pages.


See following screenshots:


Adding the column:



In the incident view:



The ?created by? field is also supported in all export/import and also via our API.


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